The Big Apple has gone ‘70s retro. The Yankees are in for first place. Violent crime is soaring. Muggers again roam Central Park. Alleys reek of the homeless. Bottles and filthy rags in hand, squeegee men are practicing menacing looks, poised for a comeback.

Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz may be enjoying this as he rots in prison, still only 62.

What happened to the New York that was becoming borderline tolerable?  It started when voters elected socialist mayor, Bill de Blasio. Comrade Bill sides with criminals, so he immediately undid the “stop and frisk” policing of his predecessors, Giuliani and Bloomberg.

Fine, maybe, but the situation has yet to shake out.

Six cops jumped a black man and choked him to death for the heinous crime of selling single cigarettes. Instead of putting those cops on a path to Attica, a grand jury exonerated them. The community screamed louder, the city paid a $5.9 million settlement to the family, cops decided to police less, and now criminals have taken note, including a new breed called the Sunday Hijacker.

The National Review’s Kevin Williamson reports that the Sunday Hijacker disrupts church services by knocking over furniture and threatening violence, demanding a payoff to leave.

I can’t imagine Sunday Hijackers in the South. The congregation would take off their coats, loosen their ties, roll up their sleeves and beat his ass to a pulp in a New York minute. Bonus for Appalachia: While he was unconscious, they would empty their box of poisonous serpents.

Praise the Lord.